Outcoming results

There is a growing need in the therapeutic and pedagogical process to enable individuals with different needs to receive therapies that meet their individual needs and to deliver state-of-the-art and adequate therapeutic and technical content in a user-friendly format. The development tool created as a result of the tender contains adaptive technical and therapeutic solutions, which allow measuring the movement data of the assigned tasks, integrating them in the database and feedback of the results. By integrating technology, the device can be used effectively, customized, and even as a fun in a variety of therapeutic, educational, and caring environments without specific expertise. According to our preliminary surveys, a device providing these functions as a unit does not currently exist in the development tools market, while the professional need for them is often formulated. Based on this, it can be stated that the targeted foreign and partly domestic institutional target market represents a viable demand for the product, which supports the viability of the development.