GraviTab sensor motor development game

GraviTab sensorimotor tool

Are you looking for the right candidate for a job that requires excellent movement coordination?

Would you like to assess your own abilities or those of your family?

Wondering how intelligent your child is compared to their peers?

Our innovative tool opens new gates to the world of player development methods!

Whether you are a specialist or a private person looking for a solution for assessing your mental and physical condition for therapeutic purposes, you have come to the right place!

GraviTab is a user-friendly in-game solution that allows you to compare people of the same age group and capacity in the following areas:


Whether prevention or health assessment, Gravitab offers a solution that gives you a picture of a person's abilities in just a few minutes.

Career exams are required to fill positions of enormous responsibility. These are road drivers, pilots, military personnel. At these points even the smallest mistake can be fatal. It is therefore understandable that these surveys require a comparison that is as precise and nuanced as possible.

Thanks to Gravitab, there is no need to take hours of testing to solve the test.

On the other hand, different behaviors are attracting more and more attention today, partly due to different institutional surveys and partly due to the awareness of the parents. It is not a coincidence, as these problems not only cause learning difficulties, but also affect adult behavior and job performance.

Prevention and continuous evaluation are therefore essential in such cases.



None of the development methods, tools or games currently available are able to provide the objective analysis that GraviTab can provide.

An instrument for condition assessment that does justice to the noble simplicity of children's games and the digital world of modernity.