New, added value

Micromotor skills development tools currently have no solution that can provide reliable and unambiguously validated data on dynamics, amplitude, frequency, time/response time during tool movement, making the device a new novelty in creating measurability

- the extracted and uploaded data can be used to create a common anonymous cloud database, which can be used as a basis for further analysis, comparisons and development (eg. further applications or prevention or pathway filtering and their development)

- the instrument combines the advantages of analogue and digital measurement methods. The user only interacts with the analogue, tangible, real hardware part, so that users who are not regular computer users are not disadvantaged by purely digital tests.

- the digital task publishing and analyzing function of the measuring device offers a wide range of development and application possibilities, as well as the data storage and statistical processing. With the development of the software part, new types of tasks can be created that can be used in specific measurement areas (memory, response time, problem-solving ability, etc.).

- the design of the track system allows the measurements to be standardized

- measurability provides the ability to record, display, and monitor patient outcomes at different times

- Higher gameplay and control than traditional devices: the device's built-in electronics (light and sound effects, electromagnets) allow you to select tasks of different types and levels of difficulty, with particular regard to the device's speed control

- a digital interface for device setup and data connection

- using the tool, non-professionals can also perform status surveys and make improvements that previously were only possible with the help of a therapist/specialist psychologist.