Whom do we recommend?

Do you work as a therapist?

Are you a member of an institution in which continuous monitoring of your mental and physical condition is a basic requirement?

As a responsible family member, would you like to track the status of your elderly relatives?

GraviTab offers solutions for many applications.


GraviTab can primarily help companies and organizations for which an accurate and professional suitability assessment is essential.

The tool enables the comparison and evaluation of individual users.

Although at first glance it may only be used by professionals due to the therapeutic nature of the device, it can actually be used in many applications - even at home!




Traffic psychological assessment of road drivers

Response time can help the tool in decision-making


Applicants have to pass a very complex aptitude test, GraviTab will help you with this

we get a much more objective result since inexperienced computer users have an equal chance to get started

With the help of the tool we offer, the following aspects can be examined:


In addition to the methods already used, GraviTab offers the possibility of examining the child while playing

the child is released, gives himself up so that we can get a real, objective picture of the performance

GraviTab can be used for the early detection of the following problems:

Due to its size, the device is recommended for older school-age children


enables unnoticed examination and follow-up care of healthy children

In the event of outstanding results or problems, the teacher can make a proposal for a subject examination

Due to its size, the device is recommended for older school-age children


identifying and tracking problems arising from age-specific characteristics can be of great help to elderly care professionals

the results are presented in diagrams so that both the patient and the interviewee can easily find out about the results obtained and communicate with one another

Areas that can be examined with the help of GraviTab in elderly care:


Repeated patient visits allow early detection of certain problems (e.g. Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease)


It is possible to purchase the device as an individual, in which case it can be used for either entertainment or diagnostic purposes.

everyone can log into the system individually, you can use the game with your own username, even several family members

personal results are saved

we can also make comparisons with people with the same characteristics or with our own previous results

we can start a playful competition between family members and acquaintances

In the case of poor performance by a family member (e.g. children, grandparents), it is worth notifying our doctor for a further examination

Regardless of whether you access GraviTab as an institutional or private user, you will not be disappointed!

The tool can be a unique aid in all areas, be it in the world of work or in maintaining health in everyday life.